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Jeremy Lin is Outselling Blake Griffin. Really?

Jeremy Lin's red hot run has his trading cards outselling Blake Griffin. But for how long

February 50, 2012 Basketball Rookie Cards

Cam Newton Turns in Best Rookie Season Ever.

Cam Newton just put up the best rookie season ever, taking the worst team in the league who did very little else to upgrade their

January 37, 2012 Football Rookie Cards

One of Aaron Rodgers Best Rookie Cards May Still Be Off the Hobby Radar.

As Aaron Rodgers cards continue to appreciate precipitously this season, collectors are distinguishing which of the cards in the Rodgers catalog are the ones in

December 00, 2011 Football Rookie Cards

Sam Bradford Contenders Golden Ticket Found (Video)

What are the odds the camera would be rolling when arguably the best Golden Ticket in the whole 2011 Panini Contenders collection was found

March 21, 2011 Football Rookie Cards

What Will it Take for Matt Ryan Rookies to Move?

Ryan cards need new buyers to drive up pricing for top issues like Exquisite or Playoff Contenders. This will require some sort of spectacular statistical

November 18, 2010 Football Rookie Cards
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